Now that we have had the President's speech and the BP meeting...

With this spill nonsense going toward the end of its second full month I was hoping that this week would have some resolution in it...some turning of the corner so to speak.

Mighty BP announced that "by this week, the gusher will be reduced to a trickle..", and then the President was going to speak on the subject from the Oval Office and, finally, a meeting was to take place with the Pres. and BP....fireworks and glory!

The spill amounts have been revised UPWARD (explaining once and for all why BP liked to do the 1000 barrels a day bit at the beginning, the civil fine by law right now is about $280million a day!), the President did his speech thing for a few minutes and we learned nothing except there are brighter days ahead and then he wrangled $20billion out of BP over 4 years (ohmygosh 25% of  profits!! unless gas goes to $3.25 a gallon and then it is break even).  This appears to be a dance - a minuet of sorts - and we are the poor suckers who stand by the juke box plugging in the dimes so others can have their fun. 

Move along folks. Nothing to see here.


  1. Big money means big courrption on both sides of the aisle.

    20 billion is a drop in the bucket.

    Although as Sam Rayburn used to say "A billion here and a billion there and soon you are talking about real money."


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