I woulda mada great badminton player...except I was so bad

Well I would have. I started college at Valparaiso University and as part of phys ed (a sure "A" which was sorely needed) I took badminton.  The instructor was Gene Bartow who followed John Wooden at UCLA as the basketball coach so I had top dog instruction.

 It is, I'm told, the fastest game there is.  The shuttlecock (see - I studied) goes as fast as the fastest tennis serve. Unfortunately it has feathers and the drag is something that no other racquet game has going for it. It also lands on the floor a lot and if you are playing someone good, it is not a picnic in the backyard. So play away.  PS...the game is named after some place in England called Badminton - a duke's home or something named Badminton...there is water fountain trivia for the day.