I once caught a fish "thhhhiiiisssss biggggg"

There is a bit of the purest in me. First, I think that if we closed down all the chain restaurants there would be a lot more food in the supermarket.  Second, I actually like to know what it is I'm eating so often I don't buy a fish sandwich "out" as my lightly breaded flounder could well be catfish - nothing against catfish mind you - just not in my stomach.  And that brings us to genetic engineering.

We eat a lot of salmon in this household 2 times a week usually and from a local fish store that is honest and clean. When we grill it on a cedar plank - well it is out of sight good. Even the 2-3y.o. grand kids eat it up and ask for more.  Then I see the picture above and read the article.

When I was in school in Michigan, lamphrey had migrated up the St. Lawrence and were killing all the natural fish. Then came alewives and they were like butterfish out here with almost no use except for fertilizer. So some bright fellow introduced coho salmon into the great lakes, a feeding frenzy ensued, and all was right with the world. But then I see this and if we have to go to this level - this extreme - to keep the food supply churning, perhaps we need to rethink some.