Howdy. I'm your new neighbor



There is a very very nice house up the street that is for sale. It isn't in a trendy spot so I don't believe that there is a chance this brainless ditz will buy it but she looked at it yesterday only so she could I'm sure say that her threshold Hamptons housing price is 5mil.  As my departed mom would say "and where the hell did you come up with that kinda money honey".
Before we bought the house we are in P Daddy bought the estate that bordered our little shack. I got a very polite and actually very pleasant knock on the door one morning from a security guy from over the back fence to introduce himself and ask, in the nicest way possible, that if anyone wanted to use my property to climb up in a tree or a huge ladder to take "pop pictures" of Daddy to just let them know....couldn't have been nicer. Invited him in for coffee and a danish and actually he dropped by on occasion in later days just to say hello. Never an ounce of trouble with the celeb and his entourage, even a phone call asking/telling that there would be a party one evening coming up and the band would be 'out of there" at 11 yada yada.

Now comes GAGA.  Hopefully not here. I can imagine her security detail, repleat with live alligators hopefully snatching up a photographer just for the publicity.  SAVE ME SAVE ME..the SKY IS FALLING.


  1. Seriously hd tell the truth!

    You just don't want any Catholics moving into the neighborhood.

  2. "Brainless ditz"?

    Have you always been a clueless "ditz"?

    It's a gaga world in a dada age. Dinosaurs like you will soon be extinct.

  3. ahhh Dadaist...

    pssst. dinosaurs ARE extint.


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