Hide the children. Bury the silver. .....

Lindsay Lohan's father in talks to open club in Westhampton Beach screams the headlines  in the Southampton Press (27east.com).  These are "the Hamptons" so we are used to 1. celebrities and 2. being scared of the Shermans from Hollywood and NYCity "marching to the sea".  We don't have troubles with our local "stars" because they are part of the community, show up the the Waldbaums supermarket and push their own cart, drive their own car and frankly are just plain folks.

On the other hand, the folks we have the most fun with are the "new rich" and the "hangers on".  One of my sons had a night job in the summer some years back parking cars (valet) at a nightclub nearby.  He told two stories that I remember. One guy rolled up in some swank car with obviously his teenage daughter date.  My son, raised a gentleman went around and opened the door for his "date" and took her hand thus helping her out of the car. She said thank you. The guy was furious - talking to the "help" kinda thing.  The "date" went over to him and whispered something to him and the guy turned to my son and said "Kid? What's the biggest tip you got so far tonight" to which my suddently dullwitted son said $50. So the guy hands him $500 and says (I'm not kidding) "Here's $500 so you'll remember me and not touch my date again".  The other story is about a guy wanting to tip my son in cocaine but I'll leave that to the police.

I've got a fair idea which camp Mr. Lohan will arrive in although he has been drinking his way through the village since Lindsey was a Mousekateer.  Maybe mom will come too.  With such wonderful parents...well you can see how much of a chance Lindsey had.


  1. My best friend married a girl who had a family house in the Hamptons for fifty years. They inherited a beach house from her dad and they rent it every summer. The rental pays the mortgage and upkeep so the house is theirs for free. We would only visit in late fall or very early spting or the dead of winter. And you know..that's when I like the Hamptons. I visited a client during the peak of the summer and I hated it. But you get what you pay for.


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