A blogging rut - perhaps not

(I'm writing this sentence last ... figuring out what I would like to play for you on this amazingly gorgeous Saturday morning before 7am)

My wife told me not to lead with a political story or a "social values" story. Mostly because I piss everyone off when I do ("everyone" generally translates to "her"as well as a good number of my conservative "friends" who I alienate and insult elsewhere)..so i do a few news/events/political stories, a game (which I think is nice of me) and wrap it up with a music selection or two....saving what I think is the best for last.

I don't turn on WKAR in East Lansing (MSU radio) until I'm done here as I have loved that station for 40 years and you can listen free and ..well, it is just a wonderfully programmed station. (tonight of course I'l go to WFMT in Chicago and do the midnight special thing another true gift to the radio/tv of the mind).

I was about 5 or 6 and living in Dayton Ohio and about dusk each Sunday night we gathered by the radio (TV was pretty stinky in those days and our family grew up on radio...a love which I never once have foresaken) and listened to Jack Benny, Fibbermaggie and Molly - we forever have had a "fibbermaggie's drawer or closet" in every house, the Shawdow then up to my room to bed where I had a white radio I could tune and listen to Sargent Preston, Lone Ranger, The Shadow etc.) until I fell asleep.

The mind is the world's best camera. You don't have to watch to see.


  1. That's why I love listening to the Yankees on the radio. There is nothing better on a soft summer night than sitting out in the yard with a beer and a cigar ....reading the latest book from one of your favortie authors...and listening to the game. The word pictures that are conjured up can make you smell the turf and hear the crack of the bat. Summer.

  2. Oh your wife sounds like a very smart lady.


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